Spartan Wars: Elite Edition

Spartan Wars: Elite Edition

Get the Elite Edition of Spartan Wars to automatically receive a unique God, Persephone, who will add three devastating combat skills in addition to three helpful management skills to your arsenal.
Harness the power of mythology’s greatest figures as you lead your army of blood-thirsty Spartans toward world domination! The world is waiting for a leader like you.
Build your city at the heart of your empire, expanding with barracks, soldiers, and blood or with academies, scouts, and embassies. Join thousands of players from around the world as you create alliances and contend with powerful forces across vast continents.

Important Note:

1. Requirments: Please fill in your correct Tap4fun Account(E-mail), Password and Charcter Name to guarantee quick delivery.
2: How to work: We need to log in game with your correct information and then use our iTunes account to complete purchase for you.
3: ETA: 72 Hrs.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Spartan Wars: Elite Edition 1600 Pearls (Instant Delivery)

Spartan Wars: Elite Edition 1600 Pearls (Instant Delivery)

100% Legitimate and purchased directly on to your account the in-game currency,Our system will in no way get you banned and we have never had anyone banned for purchasing through our store!